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A Dozen Simple Ways To Find Harmony

Listen to relaxing & uplifting music, music which feeds your soul. Tune in to positive forms of news and entertainment which nourishes you. Start a garden or grow indoor plants, surround yourself with living things. Go for long walks in natural settings, exercise your body whilst relaxing your mind. Make time to meditate, become an inner explorer.Experiment with creative expression, find a medium which enlivens you. Practise giving thanks for all the little (and big) blessings in your life. Read more →

The Secret To Long Life?

Run more = Live Longer Eat less = Live Longer Run more + eat less = live longer. What’s not to like? For bonus years you could become a vegetarian too. Read more →


“Let me know this brother as myself.” -the healers prayer, A Course In Miracles. My ongoing fascination with the human condition has led me to explore a variety of healing modalities both as practitioner and patient. At its heart a good healing modality is a study of the human condition, they are a bit like religions in that regard and it’s not surprising the two are often connected in some way. Read more →

Health Kick

In January of this year I visited my very good friend Andrew in Singapore and he royally berated me (and justifiably so) for my physical condition. It wasn’t news to me that I wasn’t in great shape but no one had approached the subject so directly as Andrew and to be honest I had been mostly avoiding it up until then. Fast forward six months and my diet has improved no end (thanks mostly to Lisa), but exercise is still on the low side and my job has me sitting all day. Read more →

Pseudo Vegetarians

Pseudo vegetarians annoy me. Those people who eat chicken and fish and call themselves vegetarian. When did fish and chicken become vegetables? Why does the colour of the meat make it not meat? Besides just being very silly they make it hard for a real vegetarian to get a feed. You go into a restaurant and the waiters start pointing at the fish and chicken dishes when you ask about vegetarian food. Read more →