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Firefox Extensions June 2008

To help celebrate the release of Firefox 3 and since I haven’t done this for a while here are the Firefox extensions I’m currently using. Bookmarks DictionarySearch -none of the online ones can match a real dictionary but still very handy. Duplicate Tab -a must have, why this isn’t built in I don’t know. FxIF - view EXIF data in image properties Google Notebook -I’m not completely sold on the notebook but I keep playing about with it. Read more →

Olympus C-350 Deleting all photos

I’ve owned this camera for a while and when I first got it someone told me to be cautious of using the PC to delete photo’s because they experienced borking their memory card doing that. Ever since I’ve been deleting the photo’s one at a time after I have transfered them. This morning I finally got jack of doing that (lots of baby photo’s on the card!) and dug out the user manual out only to discover it’s all in Chinese! Read more →

Desktops and applications

I tend to be more of a GNOME fanboy than KDE. (This stems from right back when Qt was proprietary). I’ve tried KDE every year or two and most notably the last time I stuck it out for a good few weeks before going back to GNOME. Over the years I’ve watched configuration options disappear from GNOME (sorry can’t think of a single one of them though) and generally lamented their disappearance at the time and then forgotten I could ever tweak “that” after a few weeks; whilst of course remaining indignant at the design philosophy that took it away from me. Read more →

Backing up Veritas configurations

Over at Symantec they recommend you backup your Veritas configurations for disaster recovery but then say “What is not a good idea is to set up a cron job to back them up often.” Well why not? Because you could be backing up a dodgy configuration is their reasoning I suppose. Sounds like we need to keep a few copies if there have been changes then. Perl is my usual weapon of choice but this seemed like a good fit with shell. Read more →

How to mount a USB drive with exec on

Normally when you plug a USB drive in HAL/Gnome mounts it up with the noexec option set. This might be want you want but I have a bunch of scripts that I want to be able to run straight from the thumb drive and I’m also confident that I won’t run anything that will break things so I want my thumb drive to mount with exec on. Herewith is the fix. Read more →