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Silently Failing

Unix applications are pretty good at telling you when they break. You’ll either get informative messages at the command line or you will get informative messages in a log file somewhere (/var/log for Linux boxes where I live these days) and Googling for said messages is usually rewarding too. I’ve had to track down a few bugs lately where I got neither helpful command line warnings or helpful log messages, in one instance it was syslogd and in another it was sshd and both were silently failing to start/run. Read more →

Computer Meet Compressor

For a while now my computer has been screaming like a banshee every time I’ve turned it on. I thought it was had the bomb, on it’s way out, kaput. It would start off quietly enough but slowly get louder and louder until it was unbearable. I complained about it at work the other day and someone suggested that maybe it needed a bit of de-dusting. I scoffed at the idea because it’s never been in any particularly dusty environment. Read more →

Quoting Hell

Perl (my fav programming language) is often accused of being line noise and other atrocities so imagine my delight when a colleague forwarded me the following line of code from VBScript retValue = objWShell.Run(“”“”& executable &”“” -l -s “ & my_period & “ “”” & the_file & “”“”, 1, true) The equivalent perl (he was rewriting a perl script I wrote to run in windows because they don’t install perl there) was a very happy Read more →

A Few Notes on Chrome

There’s been a lot of buzz about Chrome so I installed it in my VMWare player windows instance at work and on Lisa’s laptop at home and took it for a bit of a spin. The good: It’s fast.The “new tab” page is brilliant. It shows your most visited pages, recently closed tabs, recent bookmarks and gives you a search box. Each tab is a separate thread with it’s own memory. Read more →


A couple of interesting ZFS posts: Success with OpenSolaris + ZFS + MySQL in production! ZFS snapshot visualization in GNOME And some filesystem news from the Linux world showing definite signs of ZFS envy- Tux3 Filesystem Announcement “The main purpose of Tux3 is to embody my new ideas on storage data versioning. The secondary goal is to provide a more efficient snapshotting and replication method for the Zumastor NAS project, and a tertiary goal is to be better than ZFS. Read more →