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The state in which one renounces the self and the material world whilst simultaneously partaking of all the pleasures that both have to offer. For all of you who have ever wondered (and all of you who haven’t) what my Google Talk status message means. I see a lot of exorgorating going on as I look around the world, it’s an egocentric state and it seems to be endemic in certain groups (I’m looking at you New Age). Read more →

Artistic Immunity

There’s a whole lot of hooha going around over Bill Henson’s latest exhibition. As far as I can tell the opinions on both sides completely miss the point. Every-one is focussed on either his right to “artistic expression” or “protecting the children”. This has nothing to do with art. It’s to do with the law. But none of the people speaking about this are asking if the law was broken. If the Police have reasonable grounds to suspect that the law was broken then they must investigate. Read more →

Wild horses and economists

In the US they are having economic troubles (presumably unrelated to the billion dollar wars they are currently waging because stopping the killing hasn’t been considered as a measure to fix their economy). People in the US can’t afford to pay their mortgages and are defaulting on them which is resulting in various lending institutions suffering considerable losses. The response in the US is to slash interest rates in order to stimulate the economy. Read more →

Daylight Savings, A Minor Rant

We are about to start daylight savings here in WA for the second summer of our three year government forced trial. This in spite of the fact that we have had three previous trials followed by referendums and each time the response has been no. Democracy any-one? But that’s an aside and not my biggest objection to daylight savings. We have very hot summer temperatures here typically being in the high 30’s to low 40’s (that’s degrees Celsius) for months. Read more →

Pseudo Vegetarians

Pseudo vegetarians annoy me. Those people who eat chicken and fish and call themselves vegetarian. When did fish and chicken become vegetables? Why does the colour of the meat make it not meat? Besides just being very silly they make it hard for a real vegetarian to get a feed. You go into a restaurant and the waiters start pointing at the fish and chicken dishes when you ask about vegetarian food. Read more →