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A Compendium of Little Mysteries

A Compendium of Little Mysteries; a collection of my poetry has been released! The book is 114 pages and contains 71 original poems some of which are being published for the first time in this collection. The book is available in two formats, paperback and ebook. I have included the poem Self-Portrait from the collection below. There is a only a limited print run of the paperback so if you would like a copy please contact me quickly. Read more →

Poem of the Week - William Butler Smith

Apologies for the lack of recent posts, it’s been a very busy time of late. As I suggested earlier my project was fat at one end, did get thinner for a while and then got very fat at the other. Then it was finished and I was moved to another customer site and I have the whole fat at one end thing all over again except this time I am managing a program as well (first world problems I know! Read more →

Cerberus the Red Eyed Hellhound

After getting all sentimental about the not-an-apocalypse I thought I’d balance things out with an apocolyptic Christmas carol. Cerberus the Red Eyed Hellhound Cerberus the red eyed hellhound had two very hellish eyes and if you ever saw him you would probably even die All of the other demons feared him and cast him into chains They made that mad-dog Cerberus guardian of their underworld games Then one smoky Apocolyptic Eve Read more →

A Poem For The End Of The World

Just in case… Poem For The End Of The World According to some interpreters of Mayan lore and calendars. Tomorrow, marks the last day of the world. And just in case, those soothsayers and doom-mongers are right this time. I thought it best I straighten a few things out. Firstly, let me say, I’m sorry. For all the stupid-idiot, thoughtless and plain boneheaded things, I said and did and didn’t do. Read more →

All About Me, March 2006

Melbourne poet Peter Bakowski introduced me to the self portrait poem over 10 years ago. I’ve done a few since but far short of the one/year which I thought would make a good retrospective one day. I wrote this one in 2006 and I find it still speaks to who I am now. All About Me, March 2006 I’m someone who appreciates silence and tall trees. I love beauty, harmony and paradox Read more →