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King Arthur

I went and saw King Arthur last night. This is not just another retelling of the Arthurian myth. All of Arthur’s principal nights are Sarmatians and this Guinevere (the very likeable Keira Knightley) is a woad dyed Pictish warrior. The Merlin depicted is one of my favourites, there were no spells or sourcery though. Lancelot was the only character who fitted the usual mould of Arthurian myth, he was a complete prat, but that’s Lancelot. Read more →

War Of The Worlds

AKA The Ferrier Family Alien Road Trip Working class arsehole estranged from his children and their mother evades aliens in a tension filled trip across America. Along the way he proves himself to be a “good dad” and delivers his daughter safely to her mum, grandparents and step father who were all untouched by the alien ravages. He is also miraculously reunited with his now respectful son whom we were led to believe couldn’t possibly have survived. Read more →

Spiderman 2

I saw Spiderman 2 last night. It could have been a risky move but I read the list of mistakes before I saw the movie, I still only managed to spot one of the mistakes listed though. Maybe I am just not very observant but I suspect the people who spot these errors need to take a chill out pill and lay back and enjoy life a bit more, it is a movie after all, it’s supposed to be entertaining not real or true. Read more →

Fahrenheit 911 and the Free Trade Agreement

I saw Fahrenheit 9⁄11 on Friday night. I found it a disturbing movie. I have always held that the invasion of Iraq was all about money and oil but the degree to which the corruption, deciept and manipulation goes is scary. I hope Australian and US voters take note of this movie, it is time for regime change. Take the time to see it yourself and make up your own mind. Read more →