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Poem Of The Week - Goethe

I’ve said before that I love when my seemingly diverse interests collide. I never anticipated any meaningful chemistry from the intersection of motorbikes and poetry though. And how wrong I was. Courtesy of Olaf Tiemann’s gorgeous Honda CB750 Café Racer I bring you Goethe, another poem giving voice to the otherwise inexpressible. What is it that draws you in until you are lost? The Fisher The water rolled, the water swelled; Read more →

Bike Jackets

I’ve been riding bikes for about two years now and I already own four different jackets. Number one was a deliberate purchase of a “cheapy” it’s a DriRider Aspen and you really do get what you pay for. My biggest complaint with this jacket is it’s not even slightly waterproof (it claims to be 100% but hasn’t been even from new), as soon as it rains with any sort of determination the arms soak through and the seams around the shoulders leak. Read more →

My Latest Paranoia

Riding a bike you pretty soon work out that in the absence of recklessness and really bad luck you can expect to be able to out-brake the car in front of you. Initially this was of great comfort to me but sometime in the last week or two it occurred to me that out-braking the tintop in front is only half the problem if the tintop behind is incapable of out-braking me (if they were paying attention to begin with that is). Read more →

Rain, Dark, Traffic- choose any two

Anecdotal evidence suggests that most motorcycle deaths on Western Australian roads happen in the Spring months, late September through to early December. And again from anecdotal evidence most of those are riders whose bike sat all, or most of, the winter out. We have a term for them- fair weather cowboys, because they only ride when the sun is out. I love being on the bike and I’ve tried to get experience in all road conditions. Read more →

Dodging traffic

I commute to work on my motorbike at least a few times a week. Lisa can tell the days when I’m going to ride in because I’m always smiling and eager to head off. Just like when you are driving riding in traffic isn’t much fun but on the bike it’s made more bearable by lane splitting; the gentle art of slipping down the dashed high-way between the cars (“tintops”). I tend to err on the side of caution- I won’t lane split if the traffic is moving beyond around 40-50kms/hr. Read more →