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May 18 2018

I had a days leave today and took the opportunity to get out for a bit of Autumn sunshine and Mini-Adventure #5. Lisa dropped me off at Mundaring Weir and I hiked back on the Bibbulmun track to the Northern Terminus and home. Just over 18kms by the time I got to the front door, average speed about 4kms/hr. Garmin tells me my moving speed was 10kms/hr but I am not inclined to believe that. Read more →

May 13 2018

Mini-Adventure #4. This morning’s mini adventure was down the hill to Forrestfield via Whistlepipe Gully across the foothills and then back up via Lesmurdie Falls to home. It was about a 10.6kms round trip, you can see the map on Strava if you are inclined. My average speed was about 6.5km’s/hour so not rocketing along but given the terrain acceptable. With the cloud cover about it was still dark when I left home but it was light enough by the time I hit the trail and it was absolutely beautiful down through Whistlepipe Gully. Read more →

May 06 2018

Mini adventure #3 - Perth City to Midland Train Station. On Friday I made good on the next step in my plan to walk all the way home from my office. I walked from the City through to Midland Train Station. I took all of my own advice (surprise!) and had water, snacks and a rear facing flashing red light. It took a real effort to get myself to take breaks but I had a short stop and stretch on the wall near Meltham Station and a longer stop and stretch at Bassendean Station. Read more →

Apr 27 2018

Mini adventure #2; I have been on a mission lately to regularly exceed the step count recommended by my Garmin fitness watch. Some days my work naturally has me on my feet moving around and achieving the goal is pretty easy while on others I spend too long sitting and have to work a bit for the step count. One of my ways of picking up the extra needed steps is walking along the train line on the way home. Read more →

Apr 25 2018

With a family, a full time job and many interests it is sometimes difficult to fit in the kind of outings that I would like to make so I have decided on a different approach: mini-adventures. Finding ways to push myself a bit and get out and see bits of the landscape that I wouldn’t otherwise in the small slots of time that are available and involving the wife and kids if they are around and want to join in. Read more →