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Poem Of The Week- Wallace Stevens

This poem represents one of those odd little intersections in my life which I enjoy so much, it’s read out at one of Landmark Education’s courses. But it’s a poem that speaks for itself. So far male poets have dominated my selections, I’m not sure how that happened but I promise to remedy it with the next poem. Have a favourite female poet? Let me know in the comments below. Read more →

2 second guide to the Landmark Forum

I did Landmark Education’s Landmark Forum in 2002 and I’ve been participating in their programs on and off ever since. I’ve gotten so much out of their programs that I keep on going back- both as a housekeeping process for my own development and for the opportunity to make a difference for others. Here’s my 2 second summary of what I got from the Landmark Forum: Don’t believe everything you think (the “it’s 90% junk” rule). Read more →