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The state in which one renounces the self and the material world whilst simultaneously partaking of all the pleasures that both have to offer. For all of you who have ever wondered (and all of you who haven’t) what my Google Talk status message means. I see a lot of exorgorating going on as I look around the world, it’s an egocentric state and it seems to be endemic in certain groups (I’m looking at you New Age). Read more →

By Christ The Magician

I’m wondering if this discovery will have the Church reconsider their position on Harry Potter. I think it would be a good thing if they did… it makes me feel a bit odd when the Church and I agree. Read more →

Role Playing

I saw this headline “Marine threw himself onto grenade” and it reminded me of the old days role playing: DM: You’re searching through the enemy compound for bomb making apparatus when someone trips a hand grenade booby trap, what do you do? Zig: it was the cleric wasn’t it? OK jump on the grenade and absorb the explosion with my backpack DM: wtf? your shitting me. Zig: it’s a small target, with my dex I should land on it with a 12 or higher on a d20 Read more →

Birthday Wishes

Seeing as Linus Torvalds and I have our birthday today I thought I would send out best wishes to every-one and especially to all you mad Capricorns that I love so much: Lisa, Sandra, Penny, Glenn, David, Janet. Whenever yours is I hope you have a beautiful day for your birthday and a great year! Read more →

Coco Lounge - Glen Waverley Victoria

I was in Melbourne for the weekend as part of my participation in Landmark Educations Team, Management and Leadership Program and I stopped for a couple of extra days to visit with friends and family who live there. Once we had caught up on all the news from East and West the obvious question was “where shall we go for breakfast?”. And the answer was the Coco Lounge. It’s a licensed cafe/restaurant and to be honest it’s nothing particularly special to look at, they saved all the effort for what’s most important to any diner, the food. Read more →