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I Dreamt with the Brass Buddha

Bill Barton 7/12/1921 - 10/4/2010 I Dreamt with the Brass Buddha Smooth cold skin, tarnished and collecting dust. He is a twin. His brother was a courting gift from my mother to my father. I ask the Buddha if my father has rejected Buddhism or embraced it so deeply it is beyond me to recognise. He smiles and a drop of sweat beads on the folds of his chest Read more →

Parent & Partner

Being a parent on the one hand seems like a tough job, there’s all this stuff you have to do and not do and there’s this little person there who just completely depends on you and at the same time has a mind and a will of their own which doesn’t always agree with yours even when you have their best interests at heart. On the other hand it’s pretty simple, all you have to do is love them. Read more →

Tips For Travelling With Babies

Pack plenty of sleep, it’s hard to find over-seas especially if you cross time zones. Pack optimism and love and an extra large serving of look on the bright side. One or two changes of clothes will do for you but pack 18 changes for them. Plan on visiting laundries. Pack dummies and toys, bottles and nappies, doodads and miscellaneous baby things. Think about packing ear plugs then leave them at home. Read more →

First Emergency Ward Visit

Lisa and I had our first (and hopefully last) occasion to visit the emergency ward as parents on Sunday night. Jasmine has a bit of a cold and she was coughing, sniffling and wheezing a little when she breathed. Nothing to cause concern in a bigger human but in a baby not worth taking any risks with. The diagnosis was bronchiolitis and the Doctor was concerned that she was working a bit hard at breathing but at her age the only thing they can do is put her on oxygen and thankfully she didn’t need that. Read more →

My Latest Paranoia

Riding a bike you pretty soon work out that in the absence of recklessness and really bad luck you can expect to be able to out-brake the car in front of you. Initially this was of great comfort to me but sometime in the last week or two it occurred to me that out-braking the tintop in front is only half the problem if the tintop behind is incapable of out-braking me (if they were paying attention to begin with that is). Read more →