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An Open Letter To Greg Combet

I received the letter below from the Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency and to be honest I was somewhat underwhelmed. Here is my response. Dear Mr Combet, thanks for your email dated February 10th whilst I appreciate you taking the time to write to me I hope you can forgive me for being less than enthusiastic about your response. We are already experiencing climate change related extreme weather and it is only expected to get worse- large storms more likely in future. Read more →

25 Simple Things You Can Do To Help Save The Planet

A lot of people that I speak to are both concerned about the state of the planet and resigned and cynical that there is anything they can do that will make any difference. “What difference can the actions of one person make?” they ask. Taken individually they may be right- though I have had it pointed out to me that any-one who thinks they don’t make any difference has never tried sleeping in a room with a mosquito :) What is sure though is that if no-one takes action the future looks bleak at best. Read more →

Daylight Savings, A Minor Rant

We are about to start daylight savings here in WA for the second summer of our three year government forced trial. This in spite of the fact that we have had three previous trials followed by referendums and each time the response has been no. Democracy any-one? But that’s an aside and not my biggest objection to daylight savings. We have very hot summer temperatures here typically being in the high 30’s to low 40’s (that’s degrees Celsius) for months. Read more →


On Tuesday the Government released a “new” energy strategy. It has been simultaneously hailed by the mining sector and condemned by the Greens. You might dismiss the Greens opposition but coupled with the applause of petroleum industry you have to start thinking that this is not an environmentally sound policy. Now the Government is seeking to outlaw biodiesel fuels. Another move that no doubt has the mining sector rubbing their hands with glee. Read more →