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Book Review- Six Frames For Thinking Abut Information

Edward de Bono provides tools for thinking outside of ones habitual ruts. In Six Frames For Thinking about Information he describes 6 “frames” or perspectives for analysing information to assist with effectively locating, assessing and drawing value from it. Triangle Frame- what’s our purpose for the information? Circle Frame- how accurate is the information? Square Frame- what are the alternate points of view? Heart Frame- what are the points of interest? Read more →

Hymns To An Unknown God

“My Life has been one long song, a hymn to an unknown God.” - Sam Keen, Hymns to An Unknown God I haven’t read the book yet and I’m not sure when I’ll have time to but if this quote is anything to go by it’s going to be a cracker. I’ll report back in due course. Read more →

The Aquarian Gospel Of Jesus The Christ

“The most efficient prayer that men can offer to a god of any kind is helpfulness to those in need of help; for what you do for other men the Holy One will do for you”. -The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus The Christ by Levi. I’ve been carting this book around for over 15 years (it’s not quite a 20 year book though and in more ways than one) with never the slightest inclination to read it but also unwilling to part with it because of who gave it to me. Read more →


I tend to read a lot. I like to think I have eclectic tastes but I probably don’t really, one day I will know what connects Peter Pan to Big Ideas from the Computer Age and Abandonment to Divine Providence in the mean time I’ll leave you to puzzle on it with me :) For a really good read you can’t go past Charles de Lint, I also like, Douglas Adams, Terry Prachett, JRR Tolkein, Patricia McKillip, Neil Gaiman and Neal Stephenson. Read more →