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Feb 04 2018

The wife was working over at Mundaring this morning and needed some stuff delivered to her so the cunning plan the kids and I had for a haul of local geocaches was thrown a bit askew. In the end we located four caches in Mundaring and another three when we got back to Kalamunda: Magnetic Confusion, TBC #36 Between Mahogany Creek and Mundaring, Survivor: Parvati Shallow, Survivor: “Evil” Russell Hantz, Snake In The Grass, Revenge of the Stirk, Tree Route Maze. Read more →

Feb 03 2018

Well this wasn’t mean to be a weekend only blog but it has certainly gotten off to that kind of a start. We will see what we can do to change that next week. I had a good but busy week in the office. Plus the kids were back to school which always comes with a challenging period of “adjustment”. Cool stuff of note: Google Cloud Shell a Debian machine with a persistent /home drive. Read more →

Jan 28 2018

We have a bit of a routine at the moment when we aren’t working and there is nothing else happening; head up to Kalamunda town to get the wife a coffee and then hunt down a few local geocaches with the kids before it gets too hot. We had a very slow start to this morning but once we got going we ticked off Flying High, Stop Chopping, Lower Than A Snakes Belly and Don’t Stumpbell. Read more →

Jan 27 2018

A progress shot of on one of my current projects- an old file on it’s way to becoming a knife; Kids and I went out to meet up with the Bassendean Nerf Group for some Nerf action and on the way I picked myself up a Cycloneshock Mega blaster from a Gumtree seller and since we still had time ticked off a couple more Geocaches in the Bassendean area. Then it was on to Pickering Park for 3 hours of Human vs Zombie with the Bassendean Nerf Group. Read more →

First Post

Because every blog has to start somewhere. I could have copied content over from the previous incarnation at Blogger and I probably will at some point but in the meantime this is the first post. Here in Australia it is Australia Day today and it would be remiss of me to not mention it in my first post. I am not a big fan of what Australia Day has become in recent years but I am a big fan of Australia or at least the idea of Australia so with that caveat in mind, happy Australia Day. Read more →