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Apr 28 2018

A bit of a quiet day today. I did manage to complete the import of all my old posts from Blogger, they are online now. Scary how many broken links there are amongst that lot. Link-rot is, unfortnately, a fact of the web I am not going to try and fix them. The Wayback Machine may be able to help you if there is something you are particularly looking for, personally for anything I think that is worth bookmarking I use Evernote webclipper to save a complete copy of it. Read more →

Apr 27 2018

Mini adventure #2; I have been on a mission lately to regularly exceed the step count recommended by my Garmin fitness watch. Some days my work naturally has me on my feet moving around and achieving the goal is pretty easy while on others I spend too long sitting and have to work a bit for the step count. One of my ways of picking up the extra needed steps is walking along the train line on the way home. Read more →

Apr 25 2018

With a family, a full time job and many interests it is sometimes difficult to fit in the kind of outings that I would like to make so I have decided on a different approach: mini-adventures. Finding ways to push myself a bit and get out and see bits of the landscape that I wouldn’t otherwise in the small slots of time that are available and involving the wife and kids if they are around and want to join in. Read more →

Apr 22 2018

I went out for a hike yesterday evening and got a scare when I nearly trod on this guy crossing a track: I am pretty sure it is a Burton’s Legless Lizard. But not so sure that I would pick it up. I have heard that there are two common places where people get snake bites; on the legs because they are unlucky and on the arms because they are stupid. Read more →

Apr 21 2018

The end of March and most of April have zipped by since my last post. What happened was… well lots of things happened but what didn’t happen was me writing and posting. Blog is now re-homed up on a VM I have on Vultr and I have fronted it with Cloudflare for a bit more resiliency and https so you can read my inane mumblings with added security. And from that you can gather that one of the things that did happen was me playing with various IT geekery to build and configure the VM and associated bits. Read more →