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May 19 2018

Lisa is out on a permaculture “earth works” workshop all weekend this weekend so the kids and I were left to entertain ourselves. Following a few round the house jobs we headed up to Bunnings for some tung oil to put another coat on the box. We then headed out for a few geocaches, found GG7 - Barking ‘up’ the wrong tree! and the cleverly camouflaged Wood splitter but we couldn’t find Double Yolk#Cracked Egg, I suspect it has gone. Read more →

May 18 2018

I had a days leave today and took the opportunity to get out for a bit of Autumn sunshine and Mini-Adventure #5. Lisa dropped me off at Mundaring Weir and I hiked back on the Bibbulmun track to the Northern Terminus and home. Just over 18kms by the time I got to the front door, average speed about 4kms/hr. Garmin tells me my moving speed was 10kms/hr but I am not inclined to believe that. Read more →

Introductory Woodworking

I found the Perth Woodworking School over Christmas and a couple of weeks ago decided it was time to get along and improve some of my skills. I remember very little from woodworking classes in high school and whilst I have picked up a lot from watching YouTube it’s just as easy to pick up bad habits there, especially when it comes to safety and power tools. Besides nothing beats getting hands on with a competent instructor who can see and correct your mistakes as you are making them. Read more →

May 13 2018

Mini-Adventure #4. This morning’s mini adventure was down the hill to Forrestfield via Whistlepipe Gully across the foothills and then back up via Lesmurdie Falls to home. It was about a 10.6kms round trip, you can see the map on Strava if you are inclined. My average speed was about 6.5km’s/hour so not rocketing along but given the terrain acceptable. With the cloud cover about it was still dark when I left home but it was light enough by the time I hit the trail and it was absolutely beautiful down through Whistlepipe Gully. Read more →

May 06 2018

Mini adventure #3 - Perth City to Midland Train Station. On Friday I made good on the next step in my plan to walk all the way home from my office. I walked from the City through to Midland Train Station. I took all of my own advice (surprise!) and had water, snacks and a rear facing flashing red light. It took a real effort to get myself to take breaks but I had a short stop and stretch on the wall near Meltham Station and a longer stop and stretch at Bassendean Station. Read more →