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Victoria Dam - Queens Birthday Public Holiday

Victoria Dam

The weather being good it seemed only fitting that I celebrate Her Majesty’s birthday with a hike around Victoria dam which probably has a connection in name with her predecessor Queen Victoria, or maybe not- I didn’t find any evidence either way but it seems likely as Victoria was the Queen at the time.

It’s also Spring in the hills which means wildflowers so with the exception of the pic above and one of a bug (I warned you!) herewith pictures of wildflowers. My wife the horticulturlist identifed most of them (thanks Hon!) and may yet find time to identify the others. All photo’s by me with absolutely no photographic experience. Other than scaling and cropping there has been no post processing. All photo’s taken with a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which is still hanging in there and takes a pretty good shot (I think) in spite of me.

Let’s get the bug out of the way first. No idea what it is. Some kind of flying ant? It’s on a Trimalium Ledifolium:

Unidentified bug

And here is another shot, sans bug, of the Trimalium Ledifolium: Trimalium Ledifolium

A purple creeper thing which has not yet been identified but nonetheless looked pretty to me:

Unidentified purple creeper

A chorizema species unknown: Chrorizema

A hibbertia: Hibbertia

And another: Hibbertia

Now some myrtles - hypocalymma - first my favourite the pink one: Pink Myrtle

Swan River Myrtle: Swan River Myrtle

White Myrtle: White Myrtle

Lemon scented darwinia, darwinia citriadora for the technically minded: Lemon scented darwinia

An acacia or wattle, Prickly Moses: Prickly Moses

An unspecified orchid: Unknown orchid

And last but not least, orthrosanthus sp.: Orthrosanthus sp.