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Sep 16 2018

And then I turned around and it was September, where did that come from? (Like being hit on the neck with a hacky sack!) One day follows another and all of them seem to be chock full of something. Last weekend was the young blokes birthday, eight already, that happened too quickly as well! For his party we were back to Wally Deli park for Nerf war party with the Bassendean Nerf Group (thanks Jason!). Kids had a lot of fun including the ones which were at another party and we asked to join in.

Yesterday my neighbour invited me out on a bike ride. We joined another group and rode to Toodyay and then the two of us shot out to Goomalling to check on his property and came back via Bakers Hill so I could check on mine. First time I have had the Versys out of the metro area in ages and it was fun. It never really warmed up and I came home a bit icicled but the bike ran well and I got Mundaring Weir road pretty much to myself on the way back which always has me grinning.

Lisa is out teaching permaculture this morning so the kids and I took a walk up to Kalamunda markets for a bit of a mooch around. Just waiting now for little miss ten to get picked up for one of her friends birthday party (laser tag) and mum to get home and we might make the most of the sunshine with an expedition somewhere and then I want to get out to the shed for some making. I have another course booked at Perth Woodworking School this time their basic router course. But now that the daytime temperature is improving I want to get back to work on some knives- will get some pics up soon.

From the kitchen: I whipped up this Egg plant and chickpea curry the other night. It really is a quick easy dish to prepare. The flavour was OK but not great, Lisa added some lime juice when she heated up the left overs the next night and the flavour was much improved, if you give it a go I recommend adding the lime juice, we will be next time.

From the web: Work-From-Home Is the World’s Smartest Management Strategy, Want to Be More Creative? Take a Walk, Low-Tech “Sand Dams” Breathe New Life into African Drylands and Why is there a wizard at the top of this Melbourne building. Funny anecdote regarding the United Ancient Order of Druids, I once ran a short course on Druidry and one of the participants had seen U.A.O.D. buildings around and came to my course especially to find out about who they were and what they were up to; he was convinced that they were some sort of a secret society (with public buildings no less) with a hidden esoteric program. He got very animated and upset when I explained that they were a friendly society and not a religious/spiritual organisation.