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Aug 26 2018

Yesterday the kids and I walked down to Bill Shaw Reserve (known as “Walli Deli Park” in our house because it is in Walliston and across the road from the Walliston Deli) for a birthday party of one of my young blokes school friends. Whilst we were down there someone mentioned that there were film crews up the road at the Walliston Primary School all set to film the demolition of the old Channel 9 broadcast tower. Sure enough they did! It was so loud one of the kids ran back to his mum in tears. Pretty neat the way they had it fold down on itself, check out the video or from another view with added swearing. We rode down that way on the pushbikes this afternoon and it sure is a heap of metal - the video does not really give the context of how substantial the tower was.

Since I posted last about our home internet connection we have had Optus NBN connected. Speeds are a lot better than we were getting with Vivid wireless- Speedtest shows us getting up towards 24Mbps download and 15Mbps upload which is not too shabby compared to what we had not so long ago. Whilst the service is now working we had a fair share of dramas getting it so and sorting out the billing and based on their customer service I would not be recommending Optus. I also invested in a 32” 4k monitor and I am loving all the screen realestate :) I also brought myself a copy of Scrivener which has re-invigorated my efforts on my three (yeah I know!) in flight book projects. Scrivener is not just another editor (which is what I thought) and is pretty good at what it does, my only dissapointment is they have discontinued development on the Linux client.

From the web: with a health twist why sitting is bad for your brain, somewhat gross Your Office Life Is Destroying Your Butt and No alcohol safe to drink, global study confirms. Just to balance that up a bit It’s official - spending time outside is good for you and Little Exercise, Big Effects. One of the projects in the program I am running is using Agile (Scrum) so I have been reading a bit of Agile related stuff as it crosses my radar, here is a couple of contrary views presented without comment as I still haven’t made up my mind about Agile You don’t need standup and Stop ‘delivering’ software with Agile — it doesn’t work.