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May 18 2018

I had a days leave today and took the opportunity to get out for a bit of Autumn sunshine and Mini-Adventure #5. Lisa dropped me off at Mundaring Weir and I hiked back on the Bibbulmun track to the Northern Terminus and home. Just over 18kms by the time I got to the front door, average speed about 4kms/hr. Garmin tells me my moving speed was 10kms/hr but I am not inclined to believe that. Any-way it wasn’t a race and I was out to enjoy myself not break records and it was a perfect day to do it. If you are keen you can check out the details on Strava.

Here’s a shot of the view from the South Ledge viewing platform looking East towards Mundaring Weir. My office for the day! South Ledge

You may notice that I varied off the Bibbulmun track for a stretch. I am not sure how that happened, I think it was a new track that mountain bikers have made which crosses the Bibbulmun at an oblique angle making it tricky to choose which way to go- either that or I just stuffed up :) I realised fairly quickly I was on the wrong track but decided to go for a look see and enjoyed a different stretch of track. I did pick up a pocket full of bits of broken bike though- those riders aren’t any-where near as tidy as hikers. Here’s a shot as I came down into Piesse Brook-

Piesse Brook

It being a week day I had the track nearly all to myself, I saw one walker and one runner. It was a bit of a rude shock to come up into the middle of Kalamunda with all the noise and cars after being in the bush for a few hours. This was a bit more of a physically challenging walk than the previous mini adventures but it was great to be outdoors on such a beautiful day and also good preperation for my planned walk from the office to home.

I did see a couple of kangaroo’s quite close to the track but they got nervous when I stopped and got out the phone/camera and hopped away and the shots I got of them weren’t very good. This lichen is quite spectacular and didn’t take off when I tried to photograph it :)

Rusty Lichen

From the web: I discovered Hypertext Town via a Hacker News post and made my own camp in the Hacker News town. Also The Yogi masters were right – breathing exercises can sharpen your mind - meditation and pranayama is where it’s at folks.