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May 06 2018

Mini adventure #3 - Perth City to Midland Train Station. On Friday I made good on the next step in my plan to walk all the way home from my office. I walked from the City through to Midland Train Station. I took all of my own advice (surprise!) and had water, snacks and a rear facing flashing red light. It took a real effort to get myself to take breaks but I had a short stop and stretch on the wall near Meltham Station and a longer stop and stretch at Bassendean Station. I left the office about 3:30pm and got to Midland Station just before 7pm. My over-all pace was a bit slower than last trip but I pulled up really well the next day so pretty happy about it. I think my next step will be to walk from home down the hill and back up just so as I get some hill practice in plus maybe a repeat walk to Midland for additional conditioning. Here is a shot of the sunset from Bassendean Station:

Sunset from Bassendean Station

As Neil Gaiman says, via Lucifer Morningstar, of Perth “the sunsets are bloody marvelous”.

I ordered one of these for a front facing clip-on light but it hasn’t arrived yet. As the days are getting shorter walking in the dark is going to be unavoidable. I will post a mini-review when the light gets here. The rear light I used was one I had for a pushback that also had a belt-clip, does the job.

A little bit of SES activity in the last week; I turned out for a search on Thursday morning, we made it a full kilometre from the unit before we were stood down. Thankfully the missing person had turned up safe and well. And this morning we did a crew change for the volunteer firey’s working a fire at Muchea. Fire’s not fun but driving the light tanker back was cool.

Yesterday I upgraded Fedora on my home work station to version 28. The in place upgrade is pain free these days. No issues to report so far. It’s not like there was anything new and exciting in the new release (when did that last happen?) but from a security perspective it pays to stay up to date and professionally I like to keep my hand in :)

This morning I made a start on the first of the knife blanks I roughed out the other week. I picked the one that was a bit munted from the cut-out with the angle grinder to start with, may as well practise on something that is already wonky. What I got done today was refining the shape, hopefully next weekend when I get back to it I can finish the shaping and start on the bevels. Not sure what I will use for scales, I like the idea of using these to trial some different materials. I have some old canvas which might make a nice micarta, if I get time and I can find the fibreglass stuff required I may have a go at home made micarta as well.

Gear Review: I brought a Deuter 22L Airlite Daypack for day hiking and commuting a few weeks ago. I don’t buy the most expensive gear but I also avoid the cheap stuff, looking on ebay day packs range from about $5 through to hundreds of dollars. I selected this pack through the (not recommended) method of looking through Wild Earth for something in about the right style, features and price range. Then I cross-checked the price on ebay, where I noticed it was available on Catch of the Day and I grabbed it there for $99AUD. I have done a few trips with it now and I am very happy with it. Most importantly the pack is comfortable, I haven’t had it fully loaded but I packed a bit of gear in it when the young bloke and I hiked up the Bibbulmun track and it was fine. The “Aircomfort” back system is very effective both for carrying comfort and air-flow. The pack will take a hydration bladder but I haven’t used that yet. I have had water bottles in the side mesh pockets, they are a bit hard to get in and out whilst wearing the pack but with a bit of practise it can be done. I also like the zip-up pockets on the waste band. And the pack is low-profile and doesn’t look completely out of place commuting to work on the train. Over-all win.

From the web: No matter what the question is, the answer is trees, What it means to “Disagree and Commit” (every-one should have this skill) and How Strenuous Exercise Affects Our Immune System, how long does a walk have to be to count as “strenuous”?