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Introductory Woodworking

I found the Perth Woodworking School over Christmas and a couple of weeks ago decided it was time to get along and improve some of my skills. I remember very little from woodworking classes in high school and whilst I have picked up a lot from watching YouTube it’s just as easy to pick up bad habits there, especially when it comes to safety and power tools. Besides nothing beats getting hands on with a competent instructor who can see and correct your mistakes as you are making them.

I really didn’t know what to expect when I signed up for their Introductory Woodworking course, I certainly did not expect to build a box as polished as the one photographed on their website. The course was run on two Wednesday evenings the 9th & 16th from 6-9pm, check their website though they seem to have a range of different day/evening and weekend options.

The top is American cherry, the sides are Jarrah and the inside lining (you can see it in the last picture below) is beech.

Box Picture

The teachers were friendly and approachable. Not only did they know their subject matter very well they were passionate about wood and woodworking. The material was interesting and engaging and the project was well thought-out. The workshop was well equipped and a safe and comfortable place to work and learn.

Box Picture

My wife loves the finished box and I can’t speak highly enough of the course, if you have an interest in woodworking or you are not sure and just want to check it out or you are like me with some existing skills you want to build on, I thoroughly recommend this course and the Perth Woodworking School. I will definitely be going back as soon as time/money permits.

Box Picture

It’s worth noting that this really is an introductory course. The quality of my work speaks more to the thought that went into designing a project that would give them the opportunity to introduce a range of skills and at the same time give each student, no matter their existing skills, a very positive experience of woodworking and which could be completed in the 6 hours.

Topics covered (as well as I can remember, it was a packed 6hrs)

  • Week 1
    • Safety
    • Wood types available in WA and choosing a piece of wood
    • Sandpaper and hand sanding
    • Table saws
      • Safe use, things to watch out for
      • Use of the saw
      • Difference between ripping and cross cut disks
      • some tips on buying a table saw
    • Routers
      • plunge vs table
      • usage
      • safety
    • Glues and clamps
  • Week 2
    • Hammers
    • Drilling holes & Japanese nails
    • Marking out & squares
    • More gluing and clamping
    • Belt sander
    • Orbital sander
    • Trimmer router
    • Hand sanding
    • Finishing

Box Picture