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Apr 28 2018

A bit of a quiet day today. I did manage to complete the import of all my old posts from Blogger, they are online now. Scary how many broken links there are amongst that lot. Link-rot is, unfortnately, a fact of the web I am not going to try and fix them. The Wayback Machine may be able to help you if there is something you are particularly looking for, personally for anything I think that is worth bookmarking I use Evernote webclipper to save a complete copy of it. Any-way back to the post imports, I have left the formatting pretty much as-is, a few posts are still a bit dodgy in terms of consistency of fonts but for the most part it is readable so I left them alone. I also had to resist the temptation to edit a couple of them :) I was surprised to find that even though I had long deleted my Blogger instance all the images are still online and accessible on the original URL’s, I saved local copies for this blog any-way but it seems like an oversight in the Blogger delete process?

Young bloke created a geo-cache over the holidays and today we took it up and hid it in the bushland near his school. It hasn’t been published yet but lookout for “The Lost Lunchbox” once it is reviewed and published.

We had a crack at another recipe from The Happy Pear tonight. This Rogan Josh is the best recipe of theirs that we have tried yet, I thoroughly recommend it. As the wife said, if we keep cooking stuff this good we will never want to eat out again.

I also found a half hour to fire up the forge and put all the knife blades in for a heat treat to soften the steel for working with a file. From here on in I will work with them one at a time until each knife is complete. Any-way enough chatter for a Saturday night, I am off to watch an episode of Grimm.