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Apr 25 2018

With a family, a full time job and many interests it is sometimes difficult to fit in the kind of outings that I would like to make so I have decided on a different approach: mini-adventures. Finding ways to push myself a bit and get out and see bits of the landscape that I wouldn’t otherwise in the small slots of time that are available and involving the wife and kids if they are around and want to join in. Herewith mini-adventure #1.

Bibbulmun Track

On Anzac Day the young bloke and I drove up to Mundaring Weir, parked at the Perth Hills Activity Centre and hiked up the Bibbulmun Track to the Ball Creek camping site. From there we hiked North until we found a good spot where we could hang a hammock. We hang out and ate lunch and when the young bloke got too restless we packed up and hiked back again.

Ball Creek Campsite

The Northern end of the Bibbulmun Track sees a lot of traffic because it is so accessible. Despite that we didn’t see any rubbish on or near the track. There are teams of volunteers who do track maintenance, hats off to them and all the track users for taking such good care of it.

Bibbulmun Track

I think we did about 7.5km to 8km up and back- about the limit for the young bloke and a nice stretch for me. The weather was perfect and despite the packed car-par we had the track pretty much to ourselves. On my own I may have walked further and hung out longer but the young bloke was good company and I think it is important that we spend time together and he gets good experience of the outdoors and the Australian bush.