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Apr 22 2018

I went out for a hike yesterday evening and got a scare when I nearly trod on this guy crossing a track: Burtons Legless Lizard I am pretty sure it is a Burton’s Legless Lizard. But not so sure that I would pick it up. I have heard that there are two common places where people get snake bites; on the legs because they are unlucky and on the arms because they are stupid. Don’t be stupid folks!

About 7:10pm last night we were eating dinner and watching Grand Designs - Timber Framed House and we could hear a thunder storm rolling in. I said to Lisa “looks like callout weather” (I am an SES volunteer) and a few minutes later the phone beeps and it is a callout for a damaged roof in Goosebury Hill. As a result I spent a few hours on the roof of a three story house helping patch the damaged section and making it water tight for the owners. Good fun way to spend an evening (if you like that kind of thing) and whilst there was plenty of thunder and lightning the rain stayed mostly away so I got home relatively dry. Any-way with the resultant sleep disruption and it being a long week and blah blah blah I had a pretty lazy day today. Which was nice too.

I did start investigating pulling in all the posts from my old Blogger iteration of Incommunique. I started off with a Python script but after an hour of working out how to install and make all the dependencies work I decided my Python-fu wasn’t up to the job of fixing the script so I looked again and found this go program which did a nice job of pulling out all the content into individual .md files for Hugo. I started but have not finished writing a perl script to push all the files into the required directories for my Hugo/template system to work (Yes I could have hacked the Go program to do that too but my Go-fu is also weak). I also noticed that whilst the Blogger export nicely saved all my text associated uploaded images were not so lucky. So I am going to have to go through them by hand to locate and fix the posts with images manually. No biggy as I mostly post text, the biggest challenge will be finding the image, I am a bit of a digital pack rack so they will all be on disk somewhere. You can look forward (?) to some old content resurfacing soon.

From the kitchen: yesterday I made up The Happy Pear Baked Beans for lunch for the kids and I. They are awesome. The only thing I would tweak is a little less salt. Your mileage may differ. And tonight we went with the Hungarian Goulash also from The Happy Pear which was really tasty and easily fed the whole family with left overs for tomorrow. They have so many nice looking recipes that we want to try but it might get a bit dull if I report on all of them so I recommend you check out their channel and cook on. I will try and stick with the highlights.

From the web: Sam Altman on productivity, Elon Musk on productivity and Fast tracking into new projects through note-taking - I really liked the Dynamite, Diamonds, Dollars, Dirt and Dimes classification of tasks from that last post. And I do wish this idea of less/no meetings would catch on but I am not sure I want to work for someone who role models 100 hr work weeks, sorry Elon. If you like that idea too you might want to check out Cal Newports work here’s his latest blog post: Beyond Black Box Management.