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Mar 03 2018

Yet another busy week! (YABW) I am in the midst of kicking off a new largish/complex project at work and it is keeping me on my toes. If you are familiar with The Dinosaur Theory of project management you will know that this is to be expected and if I am doing it right it should thin out again in week or three.

Wife was working in Floreat this morning so the kids and I tagged along for some geo-caching around Herdsman lake. Four finds from six attempted at Herdsman Lake. Our finds were Switched, Not sticking out, That’s not a Battledroid! (It wasn’t) and Hiddo’s Huge Haul. I am pretty certain that at least one of those we couldn’t find had been muggled or otherwise walked. My favourite was That’s not a Battledroid! but the kids preferred Hiddo’s Huge Haul, probably no surprises there :)

Little miss nearly ten (already!) spotted a snake right next to Hiddo’s Huge Haul. I think it is probably a tiger snake. It was just a juvenile a bit under a metre long and it was more worried about us than we were about it. I took a couple of snaps as it disappeared into the grass and one turned out OK. The snake is the thing in the middle that looks a bit like a stick.

Tiger Snake

After we met up with the wife and retrieved a mandatory caffeine for her it was down to Canningvale to pick up a buffer/polisher to push the knife making along. Unfortunately I pretty much destroyed my electric drill using it as a buffer.

The wife didn’t want to miss out on all the geocaching action and the kids and I were keen to hit the 100 total finds mark so we headed home via Tom Bateman Reserve where we were three finds from four PF In Limbo, PF TBR 3 and PF TBR 2. PF TBR 1 was no-where to be found. That takes us to one hundred and one, so mission accomplished.

Banksia flower glowing in the sunlight at Tom Bateman Reserve:

Banksia FLower

Long weekend this weekend so hoping to get into the shed and finish the knife and maybe make some progress on one of the many other projects awaiting me out there.

From the web: Creativity is a skill and One of the great lies of life is follow your passions- not 100% convinced on this but the article makes some good points. Also How to Disable Android’s Traffic Notifications because whilst I know Google is watching me I found it continuously reminding me both unhelpful and annoying. Lastly I really enjoyed playing with 6 Degrees of Wikipedia, follow the link to see the Wikipedia connections between knife making and geocaching (two frequent topics here), a couple of obvious ones and some interesting ones eg. the International Space Station.