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Feb 25 2018

Well that week flew by! I have been on SES training all weekend. I completed the Basic General Rescue (BGR) course at Mundaring SES. BGR is the entry level course for search and rescue operations it covers a multitude of sins from hand tools and ladders to knots, stretchers and rescue techniques. Good course with an exercise today where we had to put most of the pieces into practise. Thanks to Mundaring SES for hosting us.

I took the motorbike to Mundaring both days via Mundaring Weir Road (as an aside, I am surprised it is notable enough to warrant its own Wikipedia page). Normally I avoid Mundaring Weir Road on the weekends because it is usually seething with cyclists who are often two and even three and four abreast and I hate the idea of coming around a blind corner and running up the back of a group of them. But I decided to risk it this weekend. There was an event on this morning with bicycle traffic coming towards me which you would think wouldn’t present too much of a problem for a lone motorcyclist. Imagine my surprise when I came around a corner and found a cyclist over the double white line in my lane. Fortunately we both moved and avoided a collision. I wasn’t sure where it was safe to ride after that!

Other than that it has been work, work, work. I haven’t managed to get out into the shed at all so the knife, alas, remains incomplete. This coming weekend and the next few are looking good though so I will get back into it.

From the web: Elmore Leonard’s rules for writers - I am undoubtedly guilty of abusing the exclamation mark.

Currently reading Messy: How to be creative and resilient in a tidy-minded world by Tim Harford which I am enjoying and getting some value out of. Apparently my home work area (which is covered in an assortment of stuff) is potentially a more creative space than my work area which only has the essentials on it. The other thing I found interesting was that people are happier when you give them control over their space: if that is obvious it is not very apparent in the corporate world. I will try and write a longer review when I finish it.