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Feb 18 2018

Well that has been a busy couple of weeks! I started a post back on the 6th but didn’t finish and now here we are. Life does not stand still and finding time to squeeze in writing is proving to be a challenge.

The Vivid wireless broadband modem arrived a couple of weeks ago. Setup was as painless as they promised and we are now getting speeds of 8-10Mbps which is 4-5 times faster than iiNet were providing so, win. The website hosting on my RaspberryPi (ie what you are reading right now) is also working, port forwarding also being straight forward to configure. For reasons only known to Huawei (they make the device) I can’t reach the web server from the internal network. Which means to test anything I pretty much have to use the mobile phone, painful but not the end of the world. More painful is the fact that the Huawei also decided that fixed IP addresses is not something any-one wants and you can’t do that either. Which means the printer and the plotter may/will periodically change IP addresses. But all in all I will take it over the 2Mbps that we were getting.

Lisa is out doing a weekend as part of her Diploma in Permaculture this weekend so the kids and I have been hanging out together. As we often do we headed out for a bit of geocaching. On Saturday we found AA, Moosh’s Cache, Geocache - A - Saurus and Croak. This morning was a bit lazy on the Geocache front: Number 4 and Tripod Tree. Favourite was definitely Moosh’s Cache, even if only for the city views.

I have also done a bit of work on the knife project in between things. The scales have been glued on and I am working on the finish for the handle. After that it is polish and sharpen. It has turned out OK for a first knife. I made a bunch of mistakes of one sort and another but I have learnt a massive amount so it is all good and the next one should go a bit smoother as a result.

Knife with scales in progress

I have been looking longingly at wood lathes for a while now (power tools you can’t have enough!) any-way I was talking to a colleague about them and he mentioned an advert he saw on Gumtree for brand new Ryobi wood lathes for $200. Well you know that was only going to work out one way :) It’s exactly what you would expect for the money but for a bit of playing around that I want to do it should be sufficient. I haven’t touched a wood lathe since high school so I have been digesting YouTube video’s trying to pick up the basics to the extent that the wife now knows what a tool rest is and the difference between a skew chisel and a gouge :) I will post up some project pictures when I get started.

Wood lathe test

Last week I was on training all week- I did the APMG Facilitation course Foundation and Practitioner levels. Training was paid for by my employer and provided by DDLS. DDLS are alwasy good and the trainer was excellent. Wednesday’s foundation exam was OK but the practitioner exam was a bit dodgy, they say there are no trick questions but there were definitely some suspect ones. Should find out if I passed Practitioner or not one day next week. Personally I would have preffered a course that focussed on the practical and didn’t bother so much about certification, it’s not like the cert is going to add a whole lot of value to my resume. But apparently HR departments don’t like paying for courses unless there is a cert involved so I have a whole bunch of theory which I am going to have to try out in the field and see how it goes.

One of the subjects covered in the course was Myers Briggs personality types and proving that you can’t take these things too seriously the instructor handed out a copy of the Star Wars Characters Myers-Briggs Personality Types. I am an ENTJ so Leia Organa, I am only borderline Extrovert but going by the descriptions defintely more of a Leia than a Palpatine. I did a quick google and sure enough The Lord of the Rings Personality Type Chart, I’d rather be a Theoden than a Leia if that is OK and the descriptions still fit :)