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Feb 05 2018

Took the Versys into the office today. Traffic was pretty good and no-one tried to kill me so I will count that as a win :)

Our home internet has been rubbish and getting rubisher lately. Since TPG brought iiNet out they don’t do customer service any-more. I talked to the network guys in the office and their recommendation was Telstra (logic being that Telstra are likely to have the most capacity in the exchange) so against my better judgement I called Telstra… After 30 minutes on hold they dropped the call. And their web page seemed to indicate that they don’t offer what I wanted any-way (Naked DSL with no equipment, no landline, no bundled extras and preferably no contract).

So out of desperation I called Optus not expecting very much more. Any-way the guy from Optus was very helpful and said “listen I can sell you an ADSL service but it is just a resale of Telstra because that’s all we do in your area but I suggest you should go with Vivid Wireless”. Which, if it is half as good as they say (12MB download) will be three times better than what we get at the moment. So I put the order in. Will report back on how it goes but honestly I don’t expect it can be worse than what iiNet provide. I have been with iiNet since at least 1995, I have emails from Michael Malone dating back to June 1995 but I think I had my account before that. Very sad to see what the company has become under TPG, they weren’t perfect before but they were always pretty damn good.

The modem should arrive Wednesday and promises a fairly straight forward installation/configuration. The only thing I am not sure about is whether it will allow incoming traffic so this dodgy blog hosting will keep working. But I can live with that if we can get a speed improvement. MotoGP season starts soon and I was debating whether it was worth buying a season pass for internet streaming of the races given how bad the download speeds were but that could be about to change! Fingers crossed!