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Feb 04 2018

The wife was working over at Mundaring this morning and needed some stuff delivered to her so the cunning plan the kids and I had for a haul of local geocaches was thrown a bit askew. In the end we located four caches in Mundaring and another three when we got back to Kalamunda: Magnetic Confusion, TBC #36 Between Mahogany Creek and Mundaring, Survivor: Parvati Shallow, Survivor: “Evil” Russell Hantz, Snake In The Grass, Revenge of the Stirk, Tree Route Maze. So not a bad morning after all. Favourite today was probably Tree Route Maze just for the natural sculpture the cache was hidden in.

After all that in the morning we had a bit of a lazy afternoon. I did get out to the shed and gave the knife a quick touch up with the emery paper before the heat treat. I watched a bunch of YouTube video’s on the process and I found this page How to heat heat treat a file knife most helpful. I also came across a comment that said “don’t even consider it a “Knife” until it survives heat treating & tempering” which took the pressure off a bit :) Any-way it came out of the oil without any warping and a file skates over it like it is supposed to so I am calling it a success. Next step is to clean it up and then onto the scales, which I will make from Jarrah. With a bit of luck and time it may be finished next weekend.

Pre heat treat: Knife pre heat treat

SES training recommences at the Kalamunda unit on Monday night but other than that and work I don’t have anything particularly exciting lined up so there should be some room for some writing.