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Feb 03 2018

Well this wasn’t mean to be a weekend only blog but it has certainly gotten off to that kind of a start. We will see what we can do to change that next week. I had a good but busy week in the office. Plus the kids were back to school which always comes with a challenging period of “adjustment”.

Cool stuff of note: Google Cloud Shell a Debian machine with a persistent /home drive. Makes me no end of happy having an internet connected command prompt in my browser.

And from the interesting reading category: How to get Smarter: A guide to critical thinking, cognitive biases, and logical fallacies and 3 Ways to Improve Your Decision Making.

This morning Lisa and Jasmine were off to Kalamunda for some Mummy-Daughter time (whatever that is) so the young bloke and I headed up to Jorgenson Park. We took his bike along so he could get some riding practise in and the two of us hunted down Old Rough. I also marked a bunch of way points with the GPS for potential future use in SES training. All in all a productive morning.

I got into the shed this afternoon and spent a few hours getting friendly with the wet and dry and the knife. It is now pretty much ready for the heat treat which makes me no end of nervous. Will pick up some cheap canola oil (that stuff has got to be good for something) and if I can work up the courage I will give it a crack tomorrow. Next step after that is to clean up the steel and then move onto the handle.I have already planned the next build, a neck knife, so it will be good to finish this one.

Took another action on our Barefoot Investor plan this evening; opened a Mojo account with Me Bank. The idea of the Mojo account is to have enough money set aside to get you out of most financial emergencies that might occur. You are supposed to start with $2000 but we aren’t quite there yet. The other criteria is that it is with a separate bank to your regular bank and difficult to get money out of it so you are not tempted to touch it. I think it is called Mojo because of the feeling of confidence that comes from having money in the bank? As I said previously, stay tuned.

Tonight’s meal is on the stove- Urad Dahl. New recipe for me. Picked up some different lentils when I was at the Indian supermarket the other day to force me to learn a new recipe. Smells OK so far but the proof (as always!) will be in the eating.

Update: Dahl was great, definitely will be making that one again.