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Jan 28 2018

We have a bit of a routine at the moment when we aren’t working and there is nothing else happening; head up to Kalamunda town to get the wife a coffee and then hunt down a few local geocaches with the kids before it gets too hot. We had a very slow start to this morning but once we got going we ticked off Flying High, Stop Chopping, Lower Than A Snakes Belly and Don’t Stumpbell. Not bad for a mornings work :) We were going to have a look for Happy Birthday Dad but couldn’t see any convenient parking so that one will have to wait for a less lazy day. Favourite for today, Lower Than A Snakes Belly, young bloke jumped out of his skin when he found that one.

Knife is now up to 240 grit and starting to look the part. I will take it a few grades further before the heat treat. Hopefully the heat treat goes OK because at this point I have put a huge amount of effort into it!

Nice little habit list; 25 Simple Daily Habits Which Separate High Achievers From Every-one Else. My favourite is number 2- Delegate, Defer and Delete, it doesn’t mention email specifically in the article but I assume that’s what they meant. The “Do” D is just as important, if you can do it quickly, just do it.

Why You Should Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time - I wish I could get better at this. And this too- Want A Happier More Fulfilling Life?.

I have mostly used vim/gvim in the past for editing code so it was nice to discover after all this time that you can do spell checking with it out of the box:

  :setlocal spell spelllang=en_au
  :set spell

Thanks Stack Overflow.

I read The Barefoot Investor: The Only Money Guide You’ll Ever Need over the summer holidays and can thoroughly recommend it. Most of the principles I have seen before but never in an Australian context and not in accessible language. I read the Kindle version and was so impressed I brought the wife a paper copy (I have read a bunch of personal finance books in the past but this is the first one I have done that with!). Now in the process of trying to make it all work for us. Stay tuned.