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Book Review- Six Frames For Thinking Abut Information

Edward de Bono provides tools for thinking outside of ones habitual ruts. In Six Frames For Thinking about Information he describes 6 “frames” or perspectives for analysing information to assist with effectively locating, assessing and drawing value from it.

Six Frames

  • Triangle Frame- what’s our purpose for the information?
  • Circle Frame- how accurate is the information?
  • Square Frame- what are the alternate points of view?
  • Heart Frame- what are the points of interest? what can be read “between the lines”?
  • Diamond Frame- what are the values of the information?
  • Slab (Rectangle) Frame- what are the conclusions and/or outcomes?

I can recognise my use of some of these frames when I am searching the internet, the volume and diversity of information available necessitates some skill in filtering through it. de Bono’s 6 Frames offers a more structured approach.

Whilst this isn’t de Bono’s best work given the volume of information we are exposed to daily any tools that aid us in dealing with it all is a valuable addition. It’s a short read but worth the investment.