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Self Publishing ebook Style

I’m getting to the business end of the writing for my book Living An Inspired Life- I’ve now written around 55k words and my goal is around 65-70k words. There’s a lot to do before it will hit the shelf any-where including I expect a lot of editing. But articles on the topic of self publishing are starting to catch my eye, herewith a few worthy of review-

Why and How I Self-Published a Book by James Altucher - I can’t decide whether I like James Altucher or loathe him, he does make an art of being controversial, either way this is a worthwhile read.

How I Wrote a Book: Step by Step by Ben Nesvig -I also started with Google Docs but it became unweildy when I exceeded a certain word count. I’ve heard numerous good things about Scrivener but unfortunately they don’t make a Linux version. LibreOffice is serving my needs nicely, I do miss the clickable index in the Google Doc though.

E-books Are Not That Easy by Daniel B Markham - despite the title there is a great checklist of things to do here, including things I would never of thought of, eg. markup validation.

And a couple of great (older) posts from A Newbies Guide To Publishing by Joe Konrath - You Should Self-Publish & Time Investment