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Murray’s Guide To Learning/Mastering Anything

Start somewhere, where you are right now is the best place. Find a good book on the topic. Read web sites, journals, forums and blogs on the topic. Find a teacher or a class and learn from them. Experiment on your own. Find another different teacher and learn some more. Question a lot. Experiment yourself and make notes about your experiences. Keep what works and save what doesn’t for future reflection (sometimes what doesn’t work is because we are doing it wrong and sometimes it’s just wrong and it takes time to work out the difference). Take a break and do something completely different for a while.

Speak with other people doing it and find out how/what they do and what works for them and how they learnt. Read lots. Keep on practising. Keep on taking notes. Find people who are masterful and hang out with them. Don’t be afraid to look stupid. Make your work public and get feedback. Find a way to make any criticism constructive. Practise some more. Pause to reflect.

Read some more. Find some-one who knows nothing about the topic and explain to them or better still teach some-one what you have learnt, get them to ask the really hard questions and find out the answers for them. Read some more, practise some more, teach some more. Vary the order as required. Remember that you can never know all there is to know on any topic and there is always someone who knows more.

What’s your learning tip?