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Parallel Lives

I first came across the drabble in a Neil Gaiman’s Smoke & Mirrors anthology- Nicholas Was… I love the form and I’ve written a few since. Here’s one I wrote some time ago, somewhat autobiographical.

Parallel Lives

We live parallel lives.  He is a poet, I am a computer engineer. He thinks of philosophy, nature and love, I think of hardware, software and debugging.  I go to the gym, he takes long walks.  He treasures a fountain pen, I a laptop computer.  His friends are arty alternatives, mine are geeky misfits.  I am concerned about tax rates, mortgage rates, holidays and return on investment, he about social justice, global warming and the numinous.  He lives for a better world, I live in a virtual world.  He weeps, I anesthesiate.  He is the dreamer.  I am the dream.