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A Dozen Simple Ways To Find Harmony

  1. Listen to relaxing & uplifting music, music which feeds your soul.
  2. Tune in to positive forms of news and entertainment which nourishes you.
  3. Start a garden or grow indoor plants, surround yourself with living things.
  4. Go for long walks in natural settings, exercise your body whilst relaxing your mind.
  5. Make time to meditate, become an inner explorer.
  6. Experiment with creative expression, find a medium which enlivens you.
  7. Practise giving thanks for all the little (and big) blessings in your life.
  8. Read; become a philosopher of life.
  9. Create little altars in everyday spaces to remind you that everywhere is sacred.
  10. Live out loud: dance, play, laugh and have fun.
  11. Make every meal an offering to divinity.
  12. Play with the kids and chill with the grandparents.