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All About Me, March 2006

Melbourne poet Peter Bakowski introduced me to the self portrait poem over 10 years ago. I’ve done a few since but far short of the one/year which I thought would make a good retrospective one day. I wrote this one in 2006 and I find it still speaks to who I am now.

All About Me, March 2006

I’m someone who appreciates
silence and tall trees.
I love beauty, harmony and paradox
I’m drawn to opposites,
and in betweens.
I like books, horses and poems,
music which sings to the soul.
I have a weakness
for catalogues, coats and stationery.
I enjoy good food-
your cooking or mine.
I play like a child
I’m a hopeless romantic
and an outrageous flirt.
I’m a seeker,
I shine
where there is something to learn.
I’m a leader-
lifes purpose is in service
to power and creativity;
yours, mine, the worlds.

Murray Barton