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Bring Out Your Dead Week

Our suburb recently went through it’s 6 monthly cycle of verge-side bulk refuse collection, I call it  “bring out your dead week”.  I have to admit to enjoying a bit of verge shopping but I don’t make too many “purchases” (this time I did pick up a wrought iron coffee table frame which with a bit of TLC and a new top is going to look fantastic).  Herewith a few observations, move along if you don’t find junk interesting.

Aside from the green waste there are some things which are consistent throw away items; chipboard furniture, exercise equipment & push bikes. All items you may want to reconsider your purchase of. Chipboard furniture doesn’t last, the exercise equipment I’m guessing gets used for a while and given up on. I have no idea why people throw away perfectly serviceable push-bikes. One thing I didn’t see this time which has usually made a regular appearance was futon style beds, maybe there was a fad for them some time ago and they’ve all reached end of life?

The last few collections every second house was throwing away one or more CRT computer monitors, they must have been all replaced with LCD’s now because I didn’t see any this time.  What I did see was a lot of very very large CRT TV’s, obviously being replaced by thin screen technology. I suspect a good proportion of these CRT’s are in perfect working order, they just aren’t the latest thing any-more, surely they have to have some value?

Lisa and I have been out to minimalise our household (we’re making progress… sporadically) and also we inheritted a lot of stuff when we brought this place so the last couple of collection times we have had a lot of stuff out. I am always pleased when our stuff gets picked up- it’s nice to know we have “good junk” :)