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The Age Of Risotto

I’ve been a vegetarian for almost 20 years now and I’ve noticed that restaurants go through phases with the “vegetarian option” which they offer.  When I first became vegetarian back in the early 90’s the option was vegetarian lasagne.  I’ve never had a bad vegetarian lasagne but during the age of vegetarian lasagne I had some pretty ordinary ones. 

The next age was a dark one.  The spinach and ricotta cannelloni age. If you’ve never had spinach and ricotta cannelloni I can thoroughly recommend trying something else.  If you ever went to a restaurant with  me during this age you would have noticed a strange desperation as I studied the menu: looking and praying for anything else that was vegetarian.  I spent this age wishing I’d never complained about the age of lasagne. 

I notice we’ve now entered the age of risotto.  I used to enjoy an occasional risotto when I found one on the menu during the age of cannelloni.  I still enjoy a good one.  They vary wildly from the divine to what is at best stodgy rice.  Even the stodgy rice form is better than a cannelloni. 

I can understand restaurants only having one or two vegetarian options on their menu.  I don’t have any complaints about that, choice is good but being able to eat is better so I appreciate that the option is there.  I do wonder why it is though that the vegetarian option is common across so many different eateries, even places with completely different non-vegetarian menu’s will offer the same vegetarian dish.  If there is any-one in the hospitalities that can shed some light then I’d love to hear from you. 

Also worth noting: the above only relates to places serving “western” cuisine.  If you want good vegetarian and variety your best bet is to go Asian; my personal favourite cuisine remains Indian.