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25 Simple Things You Can Do To Help Save The Planet

A lot of people that I speak to are both concerned about the state of the planet and resigned and cynical that there is anything they can do that will make any difference. “What difference can the actions of one person make?” they ask. Taken individually they may be right- though I have had it pointed out to me that any-one who thinks they don’t make any difference has never tried sleeping in a room with a mosquito :) What is sure though is that if no-one takes action the future looks bleak at best.

So I urge every-one to become climate change activists, not the out on the streets with placards kind (though you can do that if you want to), but right in your home and in your own life. Don’t go to sleep at night until you have taken at least one action to save the planet. Each day ask yourself what is the simplest thing I can do today to save the world and do that. Together we do make a big difference.

Live simply that others may simply live. - Mohandas Gandhi

If you are stuck for idea’s here’s some to get you started.

  • walk, ride a push bike or use public transport instead of taking your car

  • when you are not using them turn off at the wall computers, audio equipment and other electronics

  • grow your own vegetables- even a small planter on the balcony will help

  • rip out your lawn and replace it with native plants or gravel

  • replace incandescent globes with compact fluorescent or LED globes

  • recycle your household waste

  • start a compost bin and/or worm farm

  • write letters to your local and federal MP’s and Newspapers telling them you are concerned and demand that they take action

  • don’t buy products that are over packaged

  • buy locally grown and manufactured products

  • find a replacement for retail therapy- try exercise instead

  • buy organic

  • plant trees

  • take shorter showers

  • have your car serviced regularly and keep the tyres pumped up

  • re-plant your garden with waterwise and native plants

  • eat less meat, especially red meat

  • install a solar hot water system

  • install rain water collection tanks

  • buy “green power” from your power company

  • install solar panels to supply/supplement your power needs

  • when replacing appliances buy the ones with the highest star rating

  • turn off the lights when you leave a room

  • replace leaking tap washers

  • become an advocate and encourage the people around you to take action