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Poem Of The Week - Georg Trakl

I discovered Georg Trakl via Richard Gabriel’s Dreamsongs web site which I stumbled upon while looking for a solution to a programming problem I was having. Unfortunately I can’t remember what the issue was or if Richard’s site was any help with it, but I am still very thankful for the introduction to Georg Trakl. If this one leaves you wanting more of Georg Trakl Richard has a pdf available, and the introduction by Robert Bly serves as a nice doorway to the man himself as well.

De Profundis

It is a stubble field, where a black rain is falling.
It is a brown tree, that stands alone.
It is a hissing wind, that encircles empty houses.
How melancholy the evening is.

A while later,
The soft orphan garners the sparse ears of corn.
Her eyes graze, round and golden, in the twilight
And her womb awaits the heavenly bridegroom.

On the way home
The shepherd found the sweet body
Decayed in a bush of thorns.

I am a shadow far from darkening villages.
I drank the silence of God
Out of the stream in the trees.

Cold metal walks on my forehead.
Spiders search for my heart.
It is a light that goes out in my mouth.

At night, I found myself on a pasture,
Covered with rubbish and the dust of stars.
In a hazel thicket
Angels of crystal rang out once more.