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Poem Of The Week - Goethe

I’ve said before that I love when my seemingly diverse interests collide. I never anticipated any meaningful chemistry from the intersection of motorbikes and poetry though. And how wrong I was. Courtesy of Olaf Tiemann’s gorgeous Honda CB750 Café Racer I bring you Goethe, another poem giving voice to the otherwise inexpressible. What is it that draws you in until you are lost?

The Fisher

The water rolled, the water swelled;
A fisher sat thereby,
And quitely his angle held;
Chilled to his heart was he.
The water in dreamy motion kept,
As he sat in dreamy mood;
A wave hove up - and a damsel stepped,
All dripping, from the flood.

She sang to him, she spake to him:
“Why wilt thou lure away
My sweet brood by thy human art
To the deadly light of day?
Ah! knewest thou how light of heart
The little fishes live.
Thou wouldst come down, all as thou art,
And thy true life receive.”

“Bathes not the sun with all his skies?
Bathes not the moon by night,
To breathe my dew awhile, and rise
All smiling doubly bright?
And tempt the not the deep, deep skies,
Here spread in watery blue?
And tempt the not thine own dark eyes
Down through th’ eternal dew?”

The water rolled, the water swelled;
It wetted his bare feet;
A something through his bosom thrilled;
He seemed his love to meet,
She spake to him, she sang to him;
With him ‘twas quickly o’er:
Half she drew him, half sank he in,
And never was seen more.