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Computer Meet Compressor

For a while now my computer has been screaming like a banshee every time I’ve turned it on. I thought it was had the bomb, on it’s way out, kaput. It would start off quietly enough but slowly get louder and louder until it was unbearable. I complained about it at work the other day and someone suggested that maybe it needed a bit of de-dusting. I scoffed at the idea because it’s never been in any particularly dusty environment. But since I was on holidays this week and I had to move the compressor (we recently moved house and the compressor was still at the old place) and it gave me the excuse to go to the hardware shop (a treat in itself) and buy one of those funky blowing attachments I thought I would give it a go. I got all the bits home performed the essential assembly and then introduced the computer to the compressor. Wasn’t there some dust and lint and, well stuff in there! I could hardly breathe for a few minutes. The blower attachment worked a treat and you know what? The computer is back to it’s old quiet self now. I never thought the power tools in the garage could fix computer problems before, I wonder what other problems I can solve, the angle grinder hasn’t been used for a while…