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Tips For Travelling With Babies

Tips For Travelling With Babies

Pack plenty of sleep,
it’s hard to find over-seas
especially if you cross time zones.

Pack optimism and love
and an extra large serving
of look on the bright side.

One or two changes of clothes
will do for you
but pack 18 changes for them.
Plan on visiting laundries.

Pack dummies and toys,
bottles and nappies,
doodads and miscellaneous baby things.
Think about packing ear plugs then leave them at home.

If you’re travelling by plane,
wear a thick skin
and take frequent doses of patience.
The flight attendants will fill in the gaps.

Plan all your sight seeing
within an hour or two of your room
so you can quickly get them
changed, fed and into bed.
Go somewhere and stay a while
break camp as little as possible.

Insist on a routine,
but not too intently.
Plan for frequent changes,
to nappies and schedules.
Plan on giving up and then
just let go.