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A Few Notes on Chrome

There’s been a lot of buzz about Chrome so I installed it in my VMWare player windows instance at work and on Lisa’s laptop at home and took it for a bit of a spin.

The good:

  • It’s fast.
  • The “new tab” page is brilliant. It shows your most visited pages, recently closed tabs, recent bookmarks and gives you a search box.
  • Each tab is a separate thread with it’s own memory.
  • Tabs are sandboxed from each other.
  • It has a slick uncluttered interface, I like the tabs at the very top.

The bad:
  • No Linux version yet :)
  • No auto-complete for forms.

The Ugly:
  • Chrome will remember passwords for you but there is no “master password” so (as far as I can tell) stored passwords are not encrypted on the disk.

While there is no Linux version I won’t be going over to Chrome but I think the Firefox developers need to act fast (bring on Tracemonkey !). Oh and Firefox developers, Bug 339804 hurts.