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Why Do I Write

I was recently asked why I write and I thought the question was interesting enough that answering it warranted a blog post. There’s a few wildly different reasons why I write and any one or combination of them could be the driver for a given piece of writing.

Firstly there’s a spaghetti of stuff floating about in my head and sometimes the only way to get any peace is to get it out of my head and scribble it down. It’s also a great way for me to straighten out my thoughts and even discover what I really think. 99.9% of what gets written from this space isn’t fit for anything but sometimes it’s a place to start, and if I’m vigilant idea’s and themes have a chance to draw attention to themselves.

Next is a love of words and language. I still remember the first book I ever read at age 5 or 6, it was called “Timmy in the Country” and it was about two boys visiting a farm and the adventures they had. There were pages torn out towards the end of the book and I still wonder what happened in them. Any-way that book literally opened up whole worlds for me and I’ve been in love with stories and myths and words and language ever since. (I don’t know what happened to my copy of that book and I’ve searched for a replacement but haven’t had any luck so far).

I publish some technical stuff here and I write that to be of service to others. I’m very grateful to all the people who’ve helped me (and probably don’t even know it) because they took the time to write about some obscure little technical problem and I try to give back by doing the same. And to be truthful there is a hope that every-thing I write might be useful to someone.

The final reason why I write is because I believe that as human beings a part of our essential nature is to be creative. In some way or another we all long to be and strive to be creative. So I cook and write computer programs and I potter about with music and I write.

Why do you write, or do the thing you do?