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“Let me know this brother as myself.” -the healers prayer, A Course In Miracles.

My ongoing fascination with the human condition has led me to explore a variety of healing modalities both as practitioner and patient. At its heart a good healing modality is a study of the human condition, they are a bit like religions in that regard and it’s not surprising the two are often connected in some way. All of the modalities I’ve encountered are some combination of energy work and suggestion or programming plus a liberal dose of “grace” to account for whatever hasn’t been accounted for yet. I like both Reiki and Hypnotherapy because they get closest to the fundamentals. Also in both cases there have been clinical studies undertaken which show their benneficial effects as a complementary therapy, though not some of the wilder claims you might see made.

I first trained in Reiki in the late 80’s when I did Reiki 1 in the “Western” style. I wasn’t really impressed by the material presented and left the course regarding the modality in a poor light. Then, more than 10 years later, I had a range of people from completely different circles all suggest I should learn Reiki and I decided I better listen and found a teacher who took me through Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 in the Usui tradition. My teacher taught “We don’t heal, we are not special, any-one can learn to do this, our job is to presence the vibration of wellness, what happens from there is up to them”. And by “them” they meant the persons whole self. I worked with enough clients to take my Reiki 1 certification to practitioner level and I started doing the same for Reiki 2 before stepping sideways to study hypnotherapy and then participate in the Team Management Leadership program at Landmark Education. Add a little of life to the mix and I’ve done very little Reiki in the last couple of years.

A Course In Miracles (hereafter ACIM) comes in three parts. A text, a workbook for students and a manual for teachers. I’m working through the exercises of the workbook at the same time as reading the text. The text is at times laborious but it contains a lot that is gold. Chapter 5 is “Healing and Wholeness” and the approach presented by ACIM is congruent with what I learnt in Reiki. ACIM defines healing beautifully as “Healing is a thought by which two minds perceive their one-nes and become glad”. The language is different but the message is essentially the same; presence wholeness/wellness here and it can become present there.

All of which got me thinking it was time to do some Reiki again. So our friend Bee came up to baby sit Jasmine and Lisa spent a very pleasant (she says) hour on my table, though I suspect any new mum would acclaim anything that granted her an hours lay down without having to be concerned about the baby :) Reiki could well be all placebo effect and people feeling better for attention and I’m OK with that, the only way it could be a bad thing would be if I were to pretend it was otherwise. And if you are sick go and see a Doctor, there is a reason why these are also known as “complementary” therapies. Sure miracles happen and they also don’t happen, get the best care you can from every-where you can.

The results have been less than stunning though, since I gave Lisa Reiki all three of us, Lisa, Jasmine and I have been down with a sniffly coughy lurgy thing. I guess there is a way for me to go yet :)