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First Emergency Ward Visit

Lisa and I had our first (and hopefully last) occasion to visit the emergency ward as parents on Sunday night. Jasmine has a bit of a cold and she was coughing, sniffling and wheezing a little when she breathed. Nothing to cause concern in a bigger human but in a baby not worth taking any risks with. The diagnosis was bronchiolitis and the Doctor was concerned that she was working a bit hard at breathing but at her age the only thing they can do is put her on oxygen and thankfully she didn’t need that. We were discharged with a very helpful flyer on bronchiolitis and instructions to get back to the hospital pronto if her breathing got worse.

It’s often in the news that the public hospital system is under pressure and whilst we were out of the waiting room and into the ward after about an hour it then took over two hours to see a Doctor and all up the visit was well over 4 hours. There was no-one (apart from us that is) standing around doing nothing though it was just very, very busy. Nonetheless every-one was very polite and helpful (holding a cute little baby might have helped there).

Jasmine is definitely on the mend and she’s been a plucky little soul all through it smiling and taking an interest in everything going on around her at the hospital and very patient with her L-Plate Dad.