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One of the exercises in A Course In Miracles (ACIM) requires you to pause each half hour to contemplate the topic. I failed miserably at this for a couple of weeks remembering only a few times each day so last Thursday I added a cronjob (yes I am blessed with a Linux desktop) to email me every half an hour. This served as a suitable reminder, and to make up for the cheating I did it two days running :)

Discipline is a requirement of spirituality that is usually overlooked or outright avoided, always to the detriment of the student. So why is discipline important? As I said previously one of the most important functions of spirituality is to give us a path to freedom from the false self/identity/ego. Our identities begin forming around the age of 2 or 3 years and are never really complete though our dominant characteristics are entrenched well before we reach adulthood. And by and large our lives are run by an identity whose usual operating age is barely in it’s teens if we are lucky (Many of the ills of the individual and of society can be sourced right here). The identity pulls us every which way literally at the whim of a child. Under such conditions progress in any direction will be sporadic at best. If we are to wrest any control then we must learn to be disciplined.

I don’t have any answers to offer, discipline is clearly something I still have to master myself. But I can see that it will be more than worth the effort, I can’t think of a single area of my life that wouldn’t benefit from the application of a little discipline.